New buliding was opened in 17th of June

New bulidnig of youth centre in Trbovlje (Mladinski center in hotel Trbovlje)

The Youth Centre and Hotel Trbovlje, located in the urban centre of Trbovlje, is surrounded by some of the most important cultural and historical buildings in the area. The location is significant by its small green slope on which the house is built, representing one of the few green areas in the valley of Trbovlje. Behind the architectural concept is the idea of keeping the viewpoints of the surrounding houses as well as maintain a clean and  discrete form which also represents the idea of the demolished slope. Furthermore, the house is trying to melt with the  area and its creating an open urban space on the roof which is an extension of the street or, in a dramatic point of view, it can be read as the missing square of Trbovlje now with a new pleasant view of the surroundings. The colours and basic shapes of the facade are neutral and integrate themselves with the functionality of the youth centre, the hideness of the building in the area, giving the impression that the surrounding buildings are more relevant than the youth centre. The interior is divided in three primary branches: hotel, youth centre and club with cafe. Even though most of the building is designed undergrounded, its interior extends itself to the outside, creating the idea of an opened Youth Centre and organization to everyone.

Text: Darjan Bunta – member of architecutre desiners team.

Photos: Damian Buraczewski

Photo edition: Ines da Gama


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